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Still with the movies, panerai luminor submersible replica responded to the overwhelming demand for a commercially-available version of one of the best-looking, made-for-the-movie pieces in recent years, "The Murph" from Interstellar: This was a specially modified, oversized Khaki Field watch with no direct equivalent. It was nicknamed the "Murph" model because it was integral to the luminor submersible replica The hero sends a message through time using Morse code via the seconds hand. Murph's daughter figures out the formula and yells, "Eureka!" when he realizes that humanity has been saved.

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panerai luminor submersible replica created a exact replica of the film watch for the Khaki Field Murph: 42mm stainless steel case with black dial and beige Super-LumiNova-inlaid hands. panerai luminor submersible replica also designed an H-10 automatic movement that has 80-hour power reserve. panerai luminor submersible replica also made a black leather strap. One thing is different: "Eureka" printed in lacquer with Morse code at the second hand. The brand emphasizes that "if you didn't know it existed, you wouldn't see it". It is barely visible to the naked eyes. It's easy to see, and Interstellar fans will be the first to know.

panerai luminor submersible replica presents the watch in a specially designed striped box that represents the famous tesseract from The Matrix. This was created with the help of Nathan Crowley,Rolex GMT-Master II Replica film's production designer. The box will only hold 2,555 Murphs.

The film-inspired timepieces are still available, but some shady folks provided them with quartz models ...), panerai luminor submersible replica expanded the range of highly desirable mechanical Khaki Field watches with new panerai luminor submersible replica Khaki Field Mechanicals. These panerai luminor submersible replica Khaki Field Mechanicals come in two sizes: a 38mm stainless steel case or one with panerai luminor submersible replica's original earth colored PVD. This case comes with a green, black, or white dial with nickeled hour, minute, and Super-LumiNova hands, white lacquered seconds, and a second hand, and date, and straps.